2013 Will Be a Good Year for Car, Truck Buyers

Hurricane Sandy Will Not Affect Honda Sales Much

flooded cars

The United States is Honda’s biggest market and the northeast is the populated part of the U.S., so you would think the devastation of Hurricane Sandy would deeply affect their year-end sales projections. Well, you’d be wrong. Honda still expects sales to exceed last year’s by about 25 percent, meaning about 1.46 million Hondas will […]

Auto Industry Goes Into Overdrive


  According to this article, the auto industry ‘went from reverse to overdrive in three years.’ We all remember the days when the federal government bailed out some American auto makers and the global market took a huge hit with tough economic times. What some of may not realize is that slowly, the auto industry […]

Honda Has Record-Breaking Month for Production in US

Honda Production Increases

Honda Has Record-Breaking Month for Production in US The Honda manufacturers are burning the midnight oil in North America and the United States (actually, probably not oil since their plants are the cleanest automobile plants in the world)! In January, Honda manufactured almost 150,000 units in North America, a 33.8% increase from January 2011 and […]

Honda Shares ‘Upgraded’


At the risk of posting something that’s a little dry, take that risk for something that could be incredibly useful in your portfolio. Honda Motor Co. (HMC) shares were upgraded to “Outperform” by Stanley Morgan analysts which makes sense considering Honda’s strong performance and the recovery of the automotive industry. Conversely, analysts at Zack’s Investment […]