Honda Loves You Back

Honda’s Superbowl #Hugfest with Bruce Willis


If your superbowl party was anything like ours, there was a lot of hugging. Lots of grown men hugging because of the Seahawks’ blow out win over the Denver Broncos. Some men may have been crying. But mostly hugging. Which is why we thought this series of mini-commercials of Bruce Willis hugs was so unbelievably […]

Honda Has 4 Finalists in Auto Ad of the Year Awards

“A Man and His Car” Spot

2013 honda fit hatchback

Honda is quite adept at developing commercials and media campaigns that touch our hearts. This 70 second online spot called “A Man and His Car” outlines why people love their Hondas: they take us to college, to our first jobs, to our weddings…all the way until they are no longer big enough because your family […]

Michael Bolton Wishes You Happy Holidays from Honda

michael bolton

Yes, there are cheesy holiday commercials. And there are good holiday commercials. We think Honda picking up Michael Bolton for six commercials is the best of both worlds. Not only that, but they are also using him as prize. According to this article, “In an effort to promote its annual holiday-season sales event, Honda has […]

Behind the Scenes of Honda’s Popular New Commercial

Honda Selling Brand, Not Specific Products With New Campaign

If you're car could tell its journey with you, what would it say?

Inspired by a real Honda customer’s experience, Honda is starting a social campaign that will allow Honda customers to tell the story of their journeys with their Honda. It is appropriately called, #MyJourney. “It’s a soft marketing approach because what we want to do is sell our brand, not a specific product,” said Simon Nicholson […]

Honda’s YouTube Channel


Honda’s YouTube Channel Crime dramas and singing competitions aren’t exactly your favorite type of entertainment? You should check out Honda’s YouTube Channel at Not normally a fan of racing, I thoroughly enjoyed the video documentaries on Honda racing (especially the accents). You don’t have to know racing to understand the ingenuity and amazing work […]

Super Bowl Honda Ad


Honda Does Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Ad? Yes Please! Do you love Super Bowl advertisements as much as we do? Do you love Honda? Do you love the move ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off?’(stupid question). Then you are going to LOVE this: a short preview of Honda’s Super Bowl advertisement has been revealed…See it HERE […]

Cuddly Animals Abuse Diesel Engines in Honda’s Commercial of the Decade


Cuddly Animals Abuse Diesel Engines in Honda’s Commercial of the Decade Did you know that Honda won the commercial of the decade award in 2009? Most people don’t. The commercial wasn’t one I had ever seen before, but I’m happy I did see it because it made me giggle uncontrollably most of the evening. It’s […]